Five Reasons Why a Newly Constructed Home Is Right for You

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While building a new home isn’t for everyone, you shouldn’t overlook this option as a possibility. As a custom home builder in Canyon Lake, TX, we’re always happy to help clients discover that building a custom home isn’t just a possibility—it actually may be their best option. Here are five reasons a newly constructed home may be right for you:

  • You like the location, but not the houses: Here at Woodscape Homes, we serve San Antonio, Austin and up into the Hill Country, which are all very desirable residential areas. However, this means that the housing market can be scarce, and what’s available is often not ideal. You shouldn’t have to settle for a subpar home just so you can reside in the perfect neighborhood. By building a custom home, you can have a home you’ll love in an area that’s perfect for you and your family.
  • The thought of a custom build excites you: Building a custom home isn’t for everyone. The process of building a custom home definitely requires managing more details and takes more time than buying an existing home. However, working with a contractor on a new build can be enjoyable and exciting. The question you need to ask yourself is whether the journey and adventure of building a custom home truly excites you. If the answer is “yes,” then we should talk.
  • Low maintenance is something you want: Rarely will a buyer find a home that is perfect as-is. However, if you’re a handy and enjoy the thought of working away at an older home, go for it. If the thought of spending your weekends with a toolbox is not something that appeals to you, then a newly constructed home is the right option for you.
  • The health risks of living in an older home bother you: A newer home is a healthier home. When buying an older house, you run the risk of being exposed to toxins like lead paint, asbestos and mold. You will also have to make due with an older HVAC system, which can mean that the air in your home is far from clean. Building a new home means you can eliminate these risk factors and ensure your home is clean and toxin-free.
  • You like to be green: Your new home doesn’t necessarily need to be a “green” home to be more efficient and better for the environment. By simply following new energy codes, your home will include a more efficient HVAC system, better insulation and higher air filtration standards. All of this is better for your health, better for the environment and better for your energy bill.

If you’re trying to decide between buying and building, we’d love to talk with you. As a local custom home builder in Canyon Lake, TX, we love being able to show people that a custom home is not only within their reach, but it is actually their best option. Get in touch with Woodscape Homes today to arrange your free consultation!

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