Custom Homes vs. Subdivisions: A Price Comparison

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As a custom home contractor in Canyon Lake, TX, we usually find that first-time clients are apprehensive about building a custom home for several reasons, but it seems that the most frightening unknown where custom builds are concerned is the price tag. When our clients come to us, they come with the expectation that a custom build will cost them more—a lot more—than a subdivision home. While custom builds do tend to cost more than a subdivision home, this is not always the case, and the difference in price is not as great as some people might think.

Subdivision homes

There’s a reason why subdivision homes tend to cost less. When people talk about subdivision homes, they talk about the cookie-cutter effect. There may be some variation from house to house, but it’s still the same build. Subdivision builders have a library of designs and layouts that they work from that follow the same basic plan and have a few variable options a buyer can choose from. Because subdivision builders are using the same plan for each home, they can eliminate the added costs of architects and extensive building plans.

The average cost for a subdivision build will vary depending on the location and quality of materials, but it’s typically around $100 per square foot. Subdivision builders will offer homebuyers a few customizable options, at an additional cost of course. If you get your customized request in during the planning stage for a subdivision build, you can get additional amenities for a reasonable up-charge. If you’re looking to customize a home that has already been built, you’re looking at a change order, and that will cost you a lot more.

Custom homes

Custom homes do tend to be more expensive than subdivision builds. Simply put, you’re starting from scratch to create a building plan to meet your specific needs, which requires the added time and cost of working with an architect and building planner.

What most homebuyers fail to see is that a custom build is truly customized to meet your specific lifestyle and needs, which means it doesn’t have to include luxury amenities or the most costly options available. When purchasing a pre-built home, you usually end up paying for certain features that you don’t want and may not even use. With a custom home, you are only paying for exactly what you want and what will work best for your family. The final price of a custom build is the added cost of all the various components you choose, which means you control the final cost. When you partner with the right custom home contractor in Canyon Lake, TX, you can likely get exactly what you want for far less than you thought.

Don’t think that a custom home is a luxury you can’t afford. What you really can’t afford is paying for home features that you don’t want or won’t use. If you’re curious to find out whether a custom build is within your budget, contact Woodscape Homes today to schedule your free consultation.

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