This is a Real Custom, Custom Home
In Bulverde Texas
Sweat Equity Style, Saving Thousands of $$$
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Getting started on this monolithic slab/Foundation


The concrete perimeter and interior beams range between
5 to 6 feet due to the depth of the clay soil.
Very uncharacteristic for the Texas Hill Country


Lot’s of plumbing under the slab.   


All trenched, vapor barrier in place
along with the steel reinforcement.
Ready to pour some concrete.

By the way, this is how you pound stakes in Texas


With a pour of 285 yards of concrete,
(that’s almost 30 concrete trucks coming and going)
you need to get up really early to get it all finished
before the sun goes down.

Pouring in the dark? Yeah, with a large pour like this there just isn’t
enough daylight to get’er done before the sun goes down.
So much better to start in the dark rather than finish in the dark.

Sun came up, and still going!


These huge concrete boom pump trucks can take
a high volume of concrete.
We had up to three trucks emptying at the same time.


We put this 3-pipe culvert in 3 years ago.
They are handling the 70,000 pounds
each truck is carrying without
breaking a sweat!

All that work is worth it when you end up with a beautiful, flat and level slab to build on.


I have used a lot of concrete companies over the years but somehow I just wasn’t satisfied. These guys are simply the best, they really do a great job.  Now I am satisfied 🙂


Oh Yeah, that is soooooo nice!


It was just too tempting,
we had to park in the new garage.
Check out that awesome RV/Shop
going up in the background.


After waiting for seven months for windows,
the first of several lumber deliveries is on the ground.


But wait, there are a lot of Cedar beams that
need staining before they are put in place.
So much easier to stain before they go up!


The first of three loads of Cedar Beams.


Snapping lines to begin the framing.
Now that’s a really good day!


That’s a lot of framing,
but we’re just getting started.


A view across the top of the walls
while standing on the bonus room floor
above the garage.


Stairs leading up to the bonus room.

A view across the top of the walls
while standing on the bonus room floor
above the garage.

Great view of the RV Garage/Shop
from the bonus room.

Stairs leading up to the bonus room.


A lot of lumber in this simple shop structure.


RV Garage 18’x45′, Shop 24’x40′ and then a
covered storage area 12’x40′


On the back and right side we were able to use Hardie lap siding.


That’s a lot of roof decking to get up on top,
hand over hand, one sheet at a time.


Now, in the Texas Hill Country there just isn’t enough room to put stuff.
To remedy this condition we built a 15’x24′ loft down the center
of the shop area where the head height is the highest,
complete with a full set of stairs over the small shop bathroom.


Now, that’s a lot of room to put a lot of stuff.
It will be climate controlled of course.


That worked out so well we tucked in another loft
under the covered overhang.


Now, let’s get the Hardie lap siding and Board & Baton painted. I love the accent color with the siding, the stucco and the stone.
Wait for it, it is stunning.  My wife is the Queen of Colors. I have learned to just follow her lead and I have never been disappointed.
Works well with more than paint colors too!


Stucco is next in line, and a lot of it!


Stucco is done. See how the colors are coming together?


Shop doors are next. Roll up doors on the back and right side for side and back access.
Also opening the doors creates a really nice breeze/wind tunnel.
Panel doors in the front, just to make the HOA happy.
Well, we love these doors too.


With a Sherwin Williams oil based clear finish,
it really brings out the cedar characteristics.


Wow! these doors really sets off the whole building.
They are a custom made specialty cedar doors
hauled in all the way from Fort Worth Texas.
I think we need a “Go Fund Me” campaign.


We have 2 more of these cedar doors all sealed and ready to be
installed in the main house garage when the time comes.
One of the reasons we built the shop first was to
be able to store materials for the house project.


Next on the agenda is the stone wains coating.  I have used these
masons for years and they are really great!  Old school all the way.
They cradle the stone in their arm and chip away with a masonry
hammer/chisel until it fits perfectly.

We combined 3 different stone colors to achieve
the look we were seeking.


Now that all the colors are together, it’s easy to see why
I trust my color coordinator.

Spring Branch Custom Construction Project

By day, an RV Garage/Shop.


By night, Las Vegas!!!


Now that the exterior is complete, we have some flatwork to pour around the exterior. 12 feet across the back, 12 feet along the right side, and then 25 feet across the front.


Wow, it really ads up fast.  A little over 3000 Sq. Ft.


My concrete guys pay a lot of attention to the details.
You just have to have a hat like that when working in the Texas sun!

Spring Branch Texas Garage and RV Cover Construction

Someone said that after a while all that liquid mud get’s
hard after a while, well they were right.
The 3 foot borders you see will be the second
pour for exposed aggerate to break up the flatwork.

Finishing concrete is a real art form.


This building really needed a personal finishing touch.
This weathervane really did the trick.

Spring Branch Custom Concrete Work

This shop project has been a lot of fun.  The interior is unfinished; just waiting for a steel building
demo project where we could harvest some metal R-Panel or Corrugated sheets
to repurpose for the walls and ceilings.
Now we can turn our attention to framing the house and beyond.  If you like the shop,
your going to love the house.

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