This is the beginning of this
Reconstruction Project.

And this is the Completed Project.
Notice how the new standing seam roof over the
reconstructed area is going the a different direction.
We also took off the old metal roofing panels,
and used it as siding.

Tear it down.

And build it back up
with the roof going the other direction.

Framing the interior.


And the exterior walk way.

Finishing up the interior.
This is the mechanical room. 

Notice the re-purposed metal interior
is the same roofing panels we just took off.
With a little red metal trim to finish things out.

A cool oval window detail. 

These are cedar “D” logs

The rustic beams and the rustic
metal interior really balance well together

On the back side of the house we put the same repurposed
roofing on the patio ceiling as well as the eves.

yeah, its a beautiful thing.

This Reconstruction Project was rather technical,
but we like difficult and technical.

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