This Multi-Use Pavilion/Carport Project is One of a Kind

It is always a great feeling to get to the end of a successful project
and see the end as it was imagined from the beginning.

The concrete was already completed when we started this project.
So, the first step was to get the 6×6 posts set.

Once the posts were in place, the 18″ LVL structural beams were lifted into place.


Floor joist is next in line.

A lot of floor space for these joist to cover


Beams & Joist working together.

It always feels good when the decking is completed.


Now the Pavilion rises up off the decking. 

With the stairs in place, it is really starting to take shape.

This is Matthew Kimble
He really knocked this one
out of the park!

Lots of Home Depot Buckets

To hold the Hardie Backer down
while the thin set dried
we used buckets of water.

As you can see we are using stainless
steel rail cable.  It’s a little hard to see
but that’s the point 🙂

The rail and stainless cable
continue down the stairs.

Complete with a trellis across the front
and around each corner
which is a really nice touch.

This is a view from the house

And this is a view coming up the driveway.

A view of the Pavilion from the top.

A view looking out from the Pavilion.

A little distorted but this is a panoramic view from the top.

This was an awesome project that we really enjoyed working on.  It was however technical and difficult, but that is what we do.
The largest obstacles was Coved 19, government stimulus keeping workers at home, and the wettest spring & summer
rainy season we have had here in the Texas Hill Country in a very long time.

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