This is the Front of the House
​Before Photo.

And this is the Back of the House
Before Photo.

First, the Demo Business, the Carport gets Taken Out.

The Back Deck is Next in Line

Taking Apart the Upstairs Bedroom and Loft

The Last Wall to Come Down

Next the Original Roof Structure will be Removed

Second Level Floor Structure Built Above the Ground Floor AC Ducts.

Of Course with this kind of Project, Better Count on Rain Just to make Things Interesting.

​No Worries, Rain Protection is Part of the Master Plan

Getting the Second Floor Walls Framed

Now the Second Floor is Taking Shape

After wall Sheathing and House Wrap is Installed, Hardie Lap Siding is next on the List.

Last Year We Invested in this Pump Jack Scaffolding System.  Man, they are Worth Every Penny

In Addition to Everything Else, this Project Required an Updated and Enlarged Aerobic to Drip Septic System. Here in the Texas Hill Country you can’t Dig too Far
​before Hitting Rock.  Jack with His Hammer is the only Solution.

Getting started on the Covered Double Decker back Deck

Overlooking Canyon Lake, that’s going to be an
Awesome place to Hang Out!

Our “State of the Art” pump jack scaffolding system
​ is really handy when your going vertical.

The classic “Hill Country” web truss detail is a nice touch.

Just need to trim some trees to expose the
​awesome two level deck.

The roof line worked out well with the window above.

Now at the same time the carport slab has been poured and we are getting the structure started.

Remember, this is what we started with.

I think this is called a real transformation. 

Now this is Pam, her husband Jib is probably in the back putting the landscaping back together after the septic system was installed.  They have been wonderful to work with.  Guess who loves their new Lake House?

A few coats of stain and WOW!!!

Yes, This is the Same House.
​Wow! What a transformation!!!

This Two Story Covered Deck was a lot but it was worth the effort.

A closer shot.

Now with the back decks about done, it’s time to get the masons in to build the stone columns.  These guys are really skilled, they’ve been plying their craft for 25 years.

Just getting started and looking good!!!

Remember now, this is what we started with.

We can’t hide all the stone in the back so the front gets a combination of stone and Stucco.
​That’s going to look real nice.

The stucco color is being applied and it matches the siding really well and pulls the color scheme together very nicely.

Remember, this photo to the left was where this stair started from.  It’s hard to see, but the finished stair was built in the opposite direction of the original.

While the exterior elements are being finished up, we are finishing the interior as well. Pam, the driving force on this project, who we really like working with, had a stair case vision from the beginning.  With Pam’s vision combined with our craftsmen, the stairs really turned out very nice.

The Wet Bar is a Nice Feature

The Hall Bath is Put Together Very Nicely

The Beginning, And the End

From every angle this new carport looks really nice

Getting This Carport at the Right Height and Making it Fit Right with the Front of the House was a Real Trick. In the End, It Really Worked Out Well.

This Aggressive Project was a Really Enjoyable and Challenging all at the Same Time. Due to Our Awesome Customers, Pam & Jib, Who Were Just great to Work With, the Few Issues Encountered Were Worked Out to Everyone’s Satisfaction.

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