Showing the project site prior to construction video

First things first; trenching for power and water.
In the Hill Country, a rock saw for trenching is the best course of action

Starting to set up the forms.  With a 7’6″ slope to the back side,

it will take a lot of forming.

Building the exterior and interior beams by way of bagging
with stacked road base and plastic sheets.

This is how the stacked bagging works to create
channels for the concrete beams.

Depending on the slope of the site
the bagging operation can get pretty high.

Road base & bagging completion.

This is what a completed bagging operation looks like. 

Taking a look at the steel placement

To get the concrete right where you want it on a big slab like this one, a concrete boom pump is the only way to fly.  And, of course it is fun to play with the big toys.

Getting it poured.

Before You Know it, It’s all Done

That boom pump operator can put the shoot in the right spot
at the right time too.

Before You Know it, It’s all Done

Set up for a little sloped flatwork up front for a nice approach
for the 5th-Wheel entering the garage.

The steel structure rises in to the sky.

The coil roll up door is next in line.

A completed steel structure is a real thing of beauty.

The R-10 fiberglass insulation wrapped in durable PVC sheets
goes on in conjunction with the R-Panel siding.
The white sheets gives a nice finished look to the inside.

On the exterior, steel R-Panel siding sheets are installed
on top of the insulation sandwiched between the steel structure and the siding.

The scissor lifts come in very handy to installing things up high,
like trim panels and rain gutter.

Meanwhile, on the inside, our electricians are are busy running wire for
lights, outlets and whatever.

All done outside.
Notice that really nice lien-to on the right side
for outdoor toy space.

All done inside.
A very high quality and clean look.

She has a comfortable new home.

Video review of the completed project.

Having a happy  customer at the beginning of a project is really nice but,
having a happier customer in the end is what we really strive for.

** This is the end of an awesome project with an awesome customer **

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