Located on the Devils Backbone, this rugged location is the
new home for this steel building made for shop projects and
weekend mancave for a joint venture project for two brothers.
A nice weekend getaway from the city of Huston.

From dirt to the finish product, quality is in every step.


Building the foundation/slab.


With the rebar and vapor barrier in place
it’s time for concrete.


Pouring concrete in the Texas heat.


Nice flat, level and Squair slab.


And the red iron goes skyward.


As you can see now,
this is a really small steel structure.


Look close and you will see the
two interior mezzanines.


The mezzanines really capitalize on the squire footage.


Front side facing the street.

On the back right corner we added an exterior balcony
for some view action.

This was a really fast project as the owners wanted the use of the shop
for the summer of 2022.

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