Before the transformation begins.
It’s an okay kitchen, but what you really want is


Transformation Completed.

This aggressive Kitchen Renovation Project in Blanco Texas has been a long haul to completion due to long delays getting cabinets and windows delivered from coved hampered manufactures. In addition, some of our key people have been affected by coved quarantine and illness.  We have strictly followed all regulations and looked for the light at the end of the tunnel.  Although the cost of delays were felt, we did not pass on these expenses to our customer DeAnn, who was a trooper to continue living through the construction zone.  In the end, even with the bumpy ride along the way, the vision from the beginning was realized at the end.  DeAnn was a team player and that contributed greatly to the success of this project.


Dust control, it is a real thing.


Getting started on the demo.


One of the main features to this project was to open up the walls, install large windows and bring the unique Hill Country views indoors.


Re-framing the exterior walls to allow window install.


A lot of framing on the exterior walls to get the large windows in just the right spot.


There was a wall with a door in this area that separated the kitchen and utility room.  We took out the wall to expand the kitchen space and relocated the utility room.

A progress video of the demo and framing


Next in line is patching the drywall here and there and everywhere.
Tape, float and texture to match the existing texture like we were never there.
When it comes to drywall, our guys are really good.


After painting, the cabinets are installed. We needed to do some alterations to the cabinet package but after a perfect color match on the paint we were able to make the alterations like it came from the factory.


As you can see, we also replaced the flooring throughout.  It is a vinyl floor that looks like wood and is completely waterproof, which is always good in areas with water.

Our customer DeAnn had an antique furniture piece that we were able
to fit in the kitchen scheme.  It really worked out very nicely.


This is a white Quartz with grey veins.  Wow, that is really nice!
Hey! don’t put you tools on that!!!


While the inside is getting finished up the exterior gets Hardie siding and trim.
The paint was also a perfect color match.

This is an oversized duel fuel range that really became a
center piece for this kitchen.


This awesome vent hood is a flush ceiling mounted appliance
that really moves the CFMs. Don’t walk by when in high gear
you might find yourself up in the attic.

By expanding the kitchen into the former laundry room,
we were able to create this nice desk space for all sorts of uses.
Maybe even planning a dinner party, the possibilities are endless.


While we were putting on the final touches, we experienced the Texas Artic Freeze of 2021.
We had to put things on hold while the water and electricity was restored.
Fortunately there was no damage to report, but many others didn’t fare so well.


As you notice, the backsplash and window sill are quartz as well.
Very clean and classic.


View from a different angle.


A view to the back door.


All is well that ends well, and this very particular and
detailed project certainly did end well.

Completion Video

Now, any successful project, even ones that have their own peculiar challenges will always work out better with customers that are part of the team.  Our customers many times come up with the perfect solution to resolve an unseen condition, and DeAnn as you can tell from her design and color selections has got to be a real artist.  Wait a minute, she actually is an artist, and not by her own proclamation.  Amazing artwork by her own hand we have seen.
Wow! Incredible!

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