A “Sweat Equity” Project is one where HCBR does all the heavy lifting,
then the Owner finishes up the interior, thus saving a ton of $$$
This project is a good example of how this works. 

Normally we do the concrete, but it had already been
completed before we entered the picture.
So, this is where we started.

And this is where we ended:
With the Owner to do the Masonry veneer
on the outside, and finish up the interior

Most of the steel projects we do are fabricated and welded together on site.
We can get the steel a lot faster and it is a lot easier on the budget as well.
This project is both the house and garage with a connecting breezeway.

Having a Skytrack forklift is a must
on this type of steel project.


Lots of roof purlins to support the
standing seam metal roofing.


Normally the roofing on a steel building would be an R-Panel type roofing. But, this being a home, a standing seam roof is preferred.
In order to make that happen, we install the roof purlins at 16″ on center and then deck it with an OSB engineered panel.


At this point we are at the end of our scope of work.
This photo shows the garage and the breezeway to the house.


A view from the back.

This the front of the house.
This was a very good project and we really liked working for the owners.
They were AWESOME!!!

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