A Perfect spot for an RV Garage

Forming & bagging.  Bagging is a process of layering the road base to make concrete beams and leveling the foundation area.

After the rebar is placed we are ready to pour concrete

We never take a chance breaking a driveway when we pour concrete, so we use “Mud Buggies”  to transport the mud.

The family dog left his mark.

There is always a fix for the mistakes in life.
​All better now.

This is called concrete flatwork.  A driveway extension to connect to the new RV Garage.

And a patio slab to hang out in.

Starting to look like a real building

Roof & side storage & patio framed with 

Tyvek building wrap.

Getting the cornice painted before stucco & roofing.

Starting the stucco lath.

After the lath comes the scratch coat. ​Allowing time to dry and cure, then texture coat is applied
​and then the color is applied.  Drying and curing is crucial to prevent cracking.

With the stucco color coat applied it sure looks nice

Now the Carriage Doors are installed Stucco is complete with color coat. Roof is completed. This RV Garage Project is complete ​and the owner is really happy with his new toy storage man cave facility.

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